Imagine 12 months from today living stress free, focused on your dreams, creating powerful relationships, earning the money you deserve, happy and successful on your terms.


Services provided by Empowered Speaking include:


Speaking and Influence Keynote and Workshops,  and Break Out Sessions

Presentation Skills

Confidence and Charisma

Sales and Marketing

Influence and Body Language


Speech and Presentation  Coaching

Have to give a speech or presentation? Need help with structure, delivery, stories? We’ll  coach you by phone, skype, video, or in person. We’ll help you create impact with persuasion, create credibility, and outperform the competition.

Empowerment Coaching

Know what you want but can’t seem to stay focused? You have your plan but somehow somewhere you lost your momentum.  You did step 1, step 2, but don’t know how to get to step 4.  We help you identify your brick wall and help you demolish the wall to create, plan, and live your fabulous life.