About Me

I’m Valerie Fuson and I’m a Story and Influence Strategist and Speaking Coach. I work with women entrepreneurs and business leaders who understand that stories inspire and transform and want to use their stories to create their brand, spread their message, and create dynamic presentations that transform their audience and customers.


I help them discover the stories that will make them stand out above the noise and craft and present their signature story that attracts more of the right customers and build a business and life they love.


How are we different from other communication trainers? We create our programs to help you discover your authentic voice and find the right stories to convey your message and your brand, based on proven presentation techniques used by world champion speakers and psychology of influence strategies.


I work with entrepreneurs, business leaders, sales professionals, coaches, speakers, real estate professionals and authors.


Growing up I didn’t have good role models to mentor me and I lacked the confidence to speak in front of large groups.


Now I love sharing the knowledge and experience I’ve developed over my life. I want to empower women and business leaders who sometimes doubt that they have the confidence and charisma to communicate powerfully, to find their unique voice and share their message and brand with the world.


I worked hard getting over my fear of public speaking by taking course after course in public speaking, assertiveness training, joining Toastmasters and getting personally coached. I have developed the tools to teach others powerful and effective strategies and techniques to accomplish their speaking and presentation goals quickly so they can start growing their business and be recognized as an engaging and dynamic presenter now instead of later. Using the 5 Part Storytelling Formula and the Keynote Creation System you will become 3 times the speaker you are today.


Certified as a World Class Speaking Coach and Certified NLP Master Practitioner in the art and science of influence, psychology, and emotional intelligence, you’ll learn tools that will help you develop confidence quickly, and remove the anxiety public speakers often have. You’ll learn how influence your audience and customers by standing out from the crowd and not be invisible in the noise.