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Whether you are a speaker, CEO, sales professional, or entrepreneur, your presentations skills are more important than ever in this competitive market. Stories and characters are the heart of your presentations and the hook that attracts your ideal client to you and your message.  The problem is most presenters deliver their stories in a narrative and passive voice.  Their characters are one dimensional and not passionate.

The narrative and passive voice does not engage your audience, doesn’t create emotion or inspire your audience to reflect on their life and see the possibilities your service, product, trainings, coaching can do to help them. They remain just an observer instead of excited and attracted to you and your brand and story.


Isn’t it time you learn to tell the right stories that impact and inspire your audience to action and create change.  Get your audience and clients to buy into your ideas, product, and service.


Get the competitive edge with our unique methodology. At Empowered Speaking we do more than just teach presentation skills.

Our unique methodology combines world class speaking training, the art of owning the stage with Improvisation skills, and the science of non verbal communication, emotion and mental intelligence,  with neuro science training.

 You will gain the competitive edge over your competition and become 5x the speaker you are today. You will learn to be confident in the moment, own the stage, and unstoppable confidence and charisma.


We are a communication and presentation skills training and coaching company. We work with medium and small businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, professional women, who want to improve their speaking and presentations skills to impact, inspire, and influence their customers and audiences.


Change your life today and schedule a call with Empowered Speaking for the competitive edge and a 30 minute consultation or book Valerie Fuson for your next business event.